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Our Mission At Oliver's Orphan Oasis!

Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless. We focus on the animals least likely to receive another chance due to physical, emotional, behavioral or health issues. We strive to prove these animals in need have the desire for another chance, the ability to respond in a positive manner to the opportunity and with compassionate care will heal and thrive with a renewed spirit. Through our efforts, by example we hope to inspire other rescues and the public to do the same.

Vote for us

Please vote for us in the September 2018 VOLZ Auto Gives Back Charity Vote. Oliver's Orphan Oasis is a small 501c3 non-profit animal rescue that takes in the ones the other rescues seem to pass up. Our medical bills are piling, and we really need the help.

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If you need to order pet medications, please shop thru Pet Rescue RX, they donate 100% of the net profits to a rescue of your choice.
You can help us raise some much needed funds!!! THANK YOU!
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